Marine Fish

We have over 5000 gallons of just saltwater fish holding systems. We get fish shipments in every week (sometimes twice a week!), so we will always be stocked up when you come in. Like our corals, we buy fish from everywhere in the world, and only fish that are MAC certified (Marine Aquarium Council). What that means to you is that every fish that we carry in our store has been hand caught and not captured in unethical ways. Its not only a moral decision on our part, but also guarantees us that the fish you take home are the healthiest that the industry can offer you. Check our NEW STOCK page to see upcoming arrivals.

We guarantee our fish for 24 hours after purchase for 100% store credit. All we need is the fish, and a separate water sample. If the water tests within reasonable levels, and the fish has no signs of fin tearing or any other injuries due to other fish, we can offer this to you. We will offer 50% store credit with the same conditions as above up to 48hrs.