Emerald Crab (Mithrax sculptus)


The Saltwater Emerald Crab is a great addition
to any aquarium and is reef safe. They eat bubble algae and are very
easy to take care of. Ample food needs to be present for them though as
they will clean all the bubble algae out of the aquarium. Supplementing
seaweed or chopped meaty food will suffice for
them. They are also scavengers and will clean out most organic debris
from the aquarium.

COMMON NAME: Emerald Crab
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Mithrax sculptus
MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 1 per 25 gallons
FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
REEF SAFE: Considered safe, may be aggressive
AVAILABILITY: Most always available – 99%


  • Easy to care for and considered reef safe.


  • Recommended stocking is 1 per 25 gallons.


  • A crab with a green exoskeleton and “hairy” legs.


  • The Emerald is an EXTREMELY hardy creature that can survive a lot of harsh conditions.

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