Purple Queen Anthias (Pseudanthias tuka)

  • Always do better in groups!!
  • Also known as Yellowstriped Fairy Basslet.
  • It has a purple body with a yellow-orange stripe that runs along the top, all the way to the caudal fin.
  • A shy fish, it will need plenty places to hide.
  • Males do the best when they are kept in groups with several females.
  • May become hostile to other anthias.
  • This fish likes a high flow environment and strong current over the reef.
COMMON NAME: Purple Queen Anthias
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pseudanthias tuka
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~2-3 inches
FOOD/DIET: Planktivore
CARE LEVEL: Semi-difficult, needs special care of water and food
REEF SAFE: Considered safe
AVAILABILITY: Most always available – 99%

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