Scarlet Leg Hermit Crab (Paguristes cadenati)


The scarlet hermit crab has an incredible
appetite for detritus and algae. In fact, they are particularly fond of
nuisance algae of the filamentous, hair, and slime varieties, as well as

COMMON NAME: Scarlet Leg Hermit Crab
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Paguristes cadenati
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~.5-.75 inch
MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 1 crab per gallon
FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available – 99%

Please note before ordering:

  • This can be for one of the following, human consumption, while not recommended or used for bait or feeder food for pets.
  • We have the required federal and state permits
    to provide this marine life. Available upon request, for all clients or
    law enforcement officials.
  • We guarantee that the item(s) will be packaged safely and shipped by next day delivery – only.

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